"In tune with nature"

Specializing in allergies, hormonal imbalance,

digestive & stress related conditions


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What people are saying about Dr. Kian…

“She is a brilliant teacher. She personalizes information so people can easily learn from her.”

“Dr. Kian is firmly dedicated to patients and educating them.”

“Dr. Kian is passionate and detail-oriented. Her seminars always went smoothly. ”

Why Consider Health Classes?

After 12 years of private practice, Dr. Kian has noticed many patients have similar struggles and most effectively overcome them when supported by a team. 

Group classes are a cost-effective and powerful way to jump start your health goals. 

If you would like support with:

  • Diabetes 
  • Weight loss
  • Digestive support
  • Lowering Inflammation
  • Stress Management

then these classes are for you!

Classes are available in person in the San Diego Area, or online!

Contact us for more information & class times!

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