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"In tune with nature"

Specializing in allergies, hormonal imbalance,

digestive & stress related conditions



Dear Dr. Kian:

Thanks to your guidance, supplements and nutritional coaching, I have substantially lowered my bad cholesterol levels, dropped about 15 pounds, cleared up my sinuses, virtually eliminated joint pain and my energy level has gone up substantially. This was all accomplished in about four weeks – really amazing!

Additionally, the medicine and supplement you provided my son for his persistent cough worked almost instantaneously the first time we tried it! He slept through the night last evening without ever making a sound.

You are a gifted physician and I am very grateful for how you have helped our family.

God bless you and I hope your practice continues to thrive as others learn the benefits and effectiveness of natural medicine.

Yours truly,
B. Keller

​(Costa Mesa, CA)