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Statistics from the American Diabetes Association: 

  • 25.8 million children & adults are diabetic in the U.S.
  • 7.0 million of whom are un-diagnosed!
  • 79 million adults aged 20 and older are Pre-diabetic!

Naturopathic medicine promotes prevention by taking a proactive approach to health & healing. Achieving optimum health is the single best investment you can take toward obtaining a high quality of life!

If you or someone you know is seeking a preventive approach toward a chronic condition, we would love to help! For more information please contact us at (408) 730-0700.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends therapeutic lifestyle changes, such as "First Line Therapy" for the treatment of chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer's disease, and a variety of symptoms such as fatigue, stress-related symptoms and hormone imbalance.

Yet chronic conditions continue to be on the rise. This is mostly because the critical role of therapeutic lifestyle changes including patient education & empowerment, balanced eating, regular physical exercise, proper rest & regular sleep, stress management, and appropriate nutritional supplementation are overlooked; often until complications such as heart attack, stroke, risk for leg amputation, blindness, and kidney disease require more invasive therapies and medications. 

Weight Loss Programs

Dr. Lena Kian has successfully helped hundreds of patients with weight loss, using a holistic approach that involves NO drugs or appetite suppressants. She takes to consideration many programs such as First Line Therapy, Food Allergy & adrenal testing, thyroid status, & other hormones, neurotransmitters, along with mental & emotional factors. 

Dr. Kian offers a balanced & common sense program that can be as structured, or as flexible as the patient desires, toward permanent weight loss. Dr. Kian also offers group classes to complement the one-on-one weight loss program.

Why do we offer weight loss programs?

Health care costs have risen considerably secondary to the obesity epidemic, poor lifestyle, and chronic health conditions. These issues have not been addressed effectively by Western medicine that relies primarily on pharmaceutical prescription.

There is more to healing than drugs and surgery. For example, a patient with borderline diabetes may underestimate the importance of prevention, and may not be aware of the warning signs of diabetes until it is too late. Pre-diabetes is COMPLETELY reversible if caught early, by adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

What is Pre-Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome?

Pre-diabetes means that you blood sugar levels are abnormal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. Most individuals with pre-diabetes/insulin resistance also have metabolic syndrome, characterized by having 3 or more of the following signs & symptoms:

  • Extra weight around the waist, or abdominal obesity, meaning

       40 inches or more, in men; or

       35 inches or more, in women.

  • Blood pressure equal to or higher than 130/85 mmHg
  • Fasting blood glucose of 100mg/dL or higher
  • Low HDL Cholesterol: under 40mg/dl in men, & under 50mg/dL in women
  • Triglycerides equal or higher than 150 mg/dL
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