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We offer a FREE 15 minute consultation!


  • First visit - 90 minutes: $225
  • Return visit - 60 minutes: $150

Children (under 12):

  • First Visit - $180
  • Return Visit - $100

We offer a 10% DISCOUNT to students, seniors, & active duty service men, women & veterans.

What to expect during your appointment

The doctor-patient relationship is one of trust, partnership, and compassion. During the visits, you will receive a thorough medical evaluation, using a holistic approach. This includes:

  1. Comprehensive medical history: Your current concerns, personal & family history, & important health assessments (i.e. genetic, environmental, lifestyle, stressors, etc.)
  2. Review of previous lab tests, if applicable.
  3. Tests & Evaluation: Ordering blood work or specialized testing, such as food allergies, adrenal testing, hormone testing, stool analysis, if necessary.
  4. Assessment: Using all the information above to arrive at a careful assessment and the areas that need to be addressed. 
  5. Treatment Plan: Dr. Kian takes special care to provide you a written treatment plan, with safe & effective natural therapies unique to your care. You will receive a clear guideline of the steps required toward achieving better health, and also what to expect once your treatment begins.

Specializing in allergies, hormonal imbalance,

digestive & stress related conditions



We accept Health Savings Account (HSA), or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for your consults, lab fees, and treatments.

Unfortunately we do not accept insurance, as many insurance companies are not yet contracting with NDs. However, if you have a PPO Insurance, we can provide you with the necessary forms to bill your insurance company for possible out-of-network reimbursement. Many PPO companies cover blood work expenses.

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